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Randi Glazer Discusses Medical and Occupational Benefits Associated With Yoga

yoga photoIn the underwriting profession, productivity is at least every bit as important as in any other industry and perhaps even more so. It is for this reason that Randi Glazer is a proponent of engaging in any kind of activity that yields benefits that enhance health and wellness as well as productivity, and she is indeed quick to note that health and productivity are quite irrevocably intertwined. While Glazer believes in a variety of habits and activities for yielding medical and occupational benefits, she has also concluded that regular yoga practice is one of the most clearly effective approaches when it comes to health and workplace efficiency and productivity.

It’s long been said that yoga can improve any number of afflictions, including everything from asthma to anxiety, and many adherents are more than happy to frequently speak out about how yoga has had an unbelievably positive impact on issues associated with depression, stress, back or joint pain and blood pressure. Since so many people have been so willing to discuss the overwhelmingly positive benefits of yoga practice, more and more yoga studios have opened and more and more teachers have made regular yoga practice easily accessible.

In terms of the medical benefits of regular yoga practice, there is mounting evidence that yoga is indeed an outstanding preventive strategy that improves physical fitness and general health. It may not be a comprehensive solution for every ailment imaginable, but it is certainly a pursuit that has earned all the praise it has received. As Glazer and many others have noted, professionals in any industry should explore the many benefits associated with yoga, and there are certainly few who would not like to become a more productive and healthier version of their current self.

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