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Therapeutic Botox

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Patients exploring their options regarding a therapeutic BOTOX procedure are consistently pleased to learn that Dr. Sid Solomon of the Center for Cosmetic, Implant & Neuromuscular Dentistry is not only a highly respected medical professional with 30 years of experience, but that he is also the inventor of Unitox, the specialty syringe designed to provide the exceptionally precise measurements used in therapeutic BOTOX procedures. Dr. Solomon has extensive experience in treating patients with therapeutic BOTOX procedures, as his practice is known for its pain therapy procedures to go with its cosmetic, implant and neuromuscular dentistry procedures.

Dr. Solomon’s expertise in administering therapeutic BOTOX — along with the fact that he is the inventor of the only FDA-approved syringe for BOTOX measurements — has been of tremendous benefit to patients who have visited any one of his three Los Angeles area office locations. His detail-oriented and patient-centric approach has earned Dr. Solomon consistent praise from patients and peers alike, and the professional expertise he has developed over the course of his three decades in the field of medicine is certainly at the core of his exceptional prowess in facial refinement through the use of therapeutic BOTOX.