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Top 6 Foods That Surprisingly Damage Your Teeth

Foods that damage your enamel can destroy your oral health in the long-term. These 6 foods can significantly harm tooth enamel and lead to less, symmetric teeth. Here are the 6 foods to avoid for good oral health.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol’s diuretic effect inhibits dry mouth because it forces out all the water within the body. This prohibits saliva flow throughout the mouth which prevents tooth decay.

2. Soda

Bacteria uses sugar to produce plaque which attacks the enamel. Also these beverages tend to be highly acidic which can cause tooth decay.

3. Hard Candy

High in sugar and having little to no benefits, this candy leaves nothing to be desired except for its addicting taste. The dangers of it are high as it it actually causes a dental emergency through chipping teeth.


4. Potato Chips

Just because there’s no sugar doesn’t mean that this snack isn’t bad. This potato crazed-crunchy treat is filled with starch that gets trapped within your teeth, causing damage to the tooth enamel and the growth of plaque.


5. Sports Drinks

High in sugar, these drinks were designed for young vigorous athletes that train for more than an hour a day. Most people aren’t young, hard-training athletes, so it is better to avoid these drinks altogether.


6. Ice

Water is great for your teeth, but ice is another story because of the hard shell that can actually chip and break parts of the teeth. Plus, the sudden cold-crushing sound can make ruin and destroy teeth.



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